Terms and Conditions

Are you enjoying your experience on TA4Crypto.com? We certainly hope so! However to make sure we’re on the same page, there are a few things you need to know before using our services. Please acknowledge those terms and conditions before using TA4Crypto.com.


The following definitions are applicable to the present terms and conditions: 

  • A “visitor” refers to any person visiting the website;
  • A “market report” refers to our market reports;
  • A “user” refers to any person using TA4Crypto.com;
  • “The website”, “TA4Crypto.com” and the term “TA4Crypto” refers to the website TA4Crypto.com and the service it offers.


The present Terms and conditions are from the outset accepted by visitors and users of the website. TA4Crypto.com may at all times edit them and therefore enjoins its visitors and users to consult them regularly.

Service description and legal responsibility

TA4Crypto.com aims to educate its users on the principles of technical analysis applied to cryptocurrency trading. We provide our users with a Dictionary of technical analysis. We also provide our users with market reports.

Although the information on our website is crafted and updated with the utmost care on a regular basis, we by no mean guarantee its exactitude. As such, the information contained in our articles or in other crypto market reports are for educational purposes only.

The MACD and EMA cross signals we give on our market reports are simply popular interpretation off technical analysis indicators. They do not constitute buying or selling or holding signals, and we give no investment advice nor trading advice. We enjoin our users to do their own research and to use crypto markets responsibly.